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Estate Agents UK is a franchise of the International Real Estate Alliance (IREA-AII), a worldwide network of 1122 property-advertising portals dedicated to finest in real estate in the UK and around the world.

The United Kingdom has more than its fair share of estate agents, thanks in no small part to the boom in house prices that the country has witnessed over the past decade. How will you ensure that potential clients from the UK and overseas will see your properties in amongst all this stiff competition?

This is where we come in: Estate Agents UK is a directory of complete property listings and other useful information about some of the best estate agents in Britain. When you list properties with us you are not only included in our comprehensive directory, but you will also find your properties are listed on all 1122 of the IREA-AII’s portals – for one low price, for one whole year.

Estate Agents UK appears consistently in Google’s top 10 search results, for hundreds of keywords combinations, meaning your prospective clients need not even know they are looking for you to find you.

List with us today, and stand out from the crowd – locally, nationally and around the world.

Properties for sale in England UK

Properties for sale in England UK

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As an estate agent, it is likely that you are also required to be a marketing professional, capable of devising persuasive marketing strategies to encourage potential buyers and sellers to contact you.

The following are the most common off-line marketing strategies that you can employ to attract business:

• Bandit signs (custom signs that act as mini billboards)
• Radio & television ads
• Brochures, flyers, and billboard signs

Reputation is everything. To build yours you can make use of the following strategies:

• Local media interviews – The best way of letting people know about you is to make media appearances. Well written and pertinent press releases have a double effect of informing the public about real estate trends, and reinforcing your image. The more familiar you are to the local community, the more people will be willing to trust you and your expertise in buying and selling properties.

• Seminars – An easy method to increase the number of customers who come to you is by giving free seminars related to real estate topics. Public speaking as a marketing strategy can be quiet effective in exposing your agency to potential investors and residential customers. At the same time, you are reminding people of your experience and expertise and how you can help them.

On-line marketing strategies can often be easier, cheaper and more convenient ways to find new customers.

To reach potential customers, you need to have a website of your own that both presents information about you and also collects information from customers as they visit – feedback (even negative such) is essential to understanding how best to reach your target audience. There are many strategies involved in on-line marketing, here are two of the more common:

• PPC – Pay Per Click campaigns are a good way of getting potential visitors to your website. PPC is an Internet advertising model used on websites, in which advertisers pay their host only when their ad is clicked. Content sites commonly charge a fixed price per click.

• Organic placement – Organic Placement, or “Free Listings”, occurs when a search engine has recognized that a site is relevant to certain terms and searches. If your website has topical and relevant content, that is updated regularly and coincides with commonly searched keywords, you will find your site appearing in the top search results for major search engines.

A combination of off-line and on-line marketing will often be the most effective way to reach the maximum amount of potential customers, and generate the most business. is part of the Real Estate Portals of that form the IREA-AII International-Real-Estate-Alliance -
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