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Estate Agents UK

Estate Agents UK is a franchise of the International Real Estate Alliance (IREA-AII), a worldwide network of 1122 property-advertising portals dedicated to finest in real estate in the UK and around the world.

The United Kingdom has more than its fair share of estate agents, thanks in no small part to the boom in house prices that the country has witnessed over the past decade. How will you ensure that potential clients from the UK and overseas will see your properties in amongst all this stiff competition?

This is where we come in: Estate Agents UK is a directory of complete property listings and other useful information about some of the best estate agents in Britain. When you list properties with us you are not only included in our comprehensive directory, but you will also find your properties are listed on all 1122 of the IREA-AII’s portals – for one low price, for one whole year.

Estate Agents UK appears consistently in Google’s top 10 search results, for hundreds of keywords combinations, meaning your prospective clients need not even know they are looking for you to find you.

List with us today, and stand out from the crowd – locally, nationally and around the world.

Properties for sale in England UK

Properties for sale in England UK

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